Launceston Secure Dog Walking Field

The Launceston Secure Dog walking field in Cornwall has an impressive 2 acres, perfect for any dog breeds to run, play and have fun. The field is open 365 days of the year and we have many timeslots available. You and your dogs can exercise and relax without the worry of recall or meeting other dogs/ livestock! You drive into the field, close the gate, lock yourself in from the inside and then let your dogs run off lead in the secure field. Easy online booking system, just click the button.


Welcome to the Launceston Secure Dog Walking Field, Cornwall

We had a field that was being underused so we put our heads together and came up with a plan. Castle View dog walking field was created.

With the current climate, it is important to ensure that peoples mindfulness and wellbeing is a top priority.  During that 2020 lockdown canine ownership increased dramatically, ensuring that whilst we protected the NHS, we could also all remain active by walking our loved animals.

During the lockdown no golf was allowed to be played so we allowed local residents to walk their dogs responsibly on the course, it was surprising how many did so.

With this increase in dog ownership, it became noticeable that although we are surrounded by the most beautiful areas in the Country, the number of open spaces in our areas for dogs to run free securely and safely just weren’t there.

With this in mind we took the leap of faith, to diversify our 3-acre field to create a safe a secure area to exercise your dogs.

Combined with our other business, golf, feel free to come in and have a drink or food.

We are still under construction, with lots of ideas to put in place.

Polite reminder – Please can you remain in your car using the layby opposite the field entrance with your dog until the previous user has left. This is to protect nervous dogs. Please enter code given on the email to enter the paddock.

Happy Dog Launceston

We aim to provide a space for dogs and their owners to play and enjoy themselves in a stress-free environment. If you need an enclosed space to allow your dog to roam without a lead or muzzle, or you simply need a safe and secure area to work on their recall ability then the Castle View Dog Walking Field is the place for you!

Our dog walking field is fully enclosed and offers exclusive use for up to 5 dogs, in sessions of 60 minutes. We’ve got sessions available in daylight hours only 7 days a week, so you can book around work, school and other commitments at a time that suits you.

The field is completely surrounded by a 6ft high fence to ensure that your dog is safely contained and unable to escape from the area, either by jumping or squeezing through the fencing. We have on-site parking.

Please see our terms and conditions which now include a section with guidance for owners of registered XL Bully dogs.

Please note, you will need to bring toys and poo bags with you, as these are not supplied.

We would ask you to take your Poo Bags away with you


We are at the edge of Launceston town on the Launceston to Egloskerry road, 600 yards from Launceston Golf Club.

Our What 3 Words location is: tolls.modem.curtains

We have recently installed a field shelter with benching along with a picnic bench.

The field is ideal for reactive dogs, dogs with little or no recall,  for training purposes, for newly rescued dogs & elderly dogs needing a quiet space. 

Please see our terms and conditions for guidance if you have a registered XL Bully dog

Our secure field is exclusive to your use only for the time booked.

We are open 7 days a week.

The field is insured for your usage and enjoyment.

We have on-site parking.

The fence is 6 foot high.

The field is 2.5 acres and fully fenced for you and your dogs enjoyment.

Yes as these are not supplied. We also ask that you take your poo bags away with you or use the bin provided in the shed.

Where are we located?